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James's Priorities

Rising out of a difficult past filled with substance abuse and poverty, Reverend James Smith understands the plight of those seeking to make their lives better. Through his faith, military service, and professional work, he has dedicated himself to helping others improve their circumstances, eager to give back to the people who have shown him such deep compassion throughout his life. With a statewide record of economic development success and a heart for helping those in need, James aims to continue making a difference in the lives of those around him.



1. Attracting business:

Reverend James Smith recognizes the need to uplift our economy to make it more appealing to businesses. He believes that creating an attractive environment for businesses is vital to attracting industry and economic growth. The current living standards and conditions for businesses in the district are not conducive to investment. James intends to leverage his statewide economic development experience to bring in the necessary resources and support to make the district ready for business expansion.

2. Addressing Water and Sewage Problems:

One of the immediate challenges that James aims to tackle is the poor state of water and sewage systems in the district. Dilapidated pipes and contaminated water pose significant health risks to the community. Having already worked diligently and successfully to revitalize Rayville’s water and sewage systems, James understands that before businesses can invest in the area, these critical infrastructure issues must be addressed. As a State Senator, He plans to advocate for funding and resources to improve the water and sewage systems, making Rural Louisiana a healthier and more appealing place for both residents and potential investors.

3. Workforce Training for New Industry:

James recognizes that preparing the local workforce for new industries is essential to ensure that the district can fully capitalize on economic opportunities. By investing in education and vocational training, he aims to equip the people of Rural Louisiana with the skills required to fill the jobs that new businesses will bring. This strategy not only benefits businesses seeking skilled workers but also enhances the quality of life for the community as a whole.

4. Tackling High School Dropout Rates:

Louisiana's high school dropout rate is a pressing concern that James is determined to address. Education is the foundation for individual growth and community development. To combat this issue, James plans to work with educators, parents, and community leaders to implement strategies that keep students engaged in their education. By providing support systems and resources, he aims to reduce dropout rates and create a more educated and skilled workforce.

5. Business Revitalization of Rural Communities:

Bringing new businesses to rural communities is an integral part of James' vision. He understands that the presence of businesses can bring economic stability and opportunities for residents. By creating an environment that is attractive to businesses, he aims to increase job opportunities and stimulate economic growth. His firsthand understanding of rural challenges and his experience in economic development uniquely positions him to advocate for initiatives that will revitalize rural communities within the district.

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